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Professional Telephone Service for Restaurants

No other necessity is more celebrated than food. That is why we enjoy going to restaurants. However, delicious food is not the only ingredient to success. A successful restaurateur also has excellent service. What good is delicious food if the service personnel can’t present it or are unfriendly? Where does good service begin? Correct - on the telephone! In most cases, guests telephone for a reservation before the restaurant visit.

What can frighten people away from going to a restaurant is a long wait on the phone, hectic or unfriendly personnel or, quite simply, when the phone isn’t picked up at all. Give your guests the feeling of being welcome and let us handle all of your incoming calls.

We want to give your customers individual and friendly customer service. Telephone service also plays a central role in this. We will take over the telephone service for your restaurant and give it the necessary flare your customers have come to expect. We will take care of the incoming calls, answer questions, take reservations and enter the information right into your booking system. After every call you will receive a message by text or e-mail - so you can see what is going on.

That way you can give your undivided attention to your guests without the extra pressure. The customers will notice that your service is friendlier and more individual compared to other restaurants. At the same time, you will have the time for the finer details, making the customers visit again and again.

With telbes telephone service, your service personnel will be relieved of stressful situations. Give your restaurant the calm and serenity it deserves - your customers will thank you for it.

The Advantages of Professional Office Service

  • A unique advantage compared to other restaurants
  • Real-time reports on request
  • Reservation questions will be quickly and competently answered
  • Save time
  • No more lost reservation questions
  • Increased Sales
A couple reserves a table with their smartphone at a restaurant The food is served on a plate The waiter serves the guest at a restaurant